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Last Team Valle Tryout!!!

Date: AUG 14th

Time: 6:00pm

Ages: 10u-18u

Location: 1374 Lyell Ave (on the backside of the plaza. Look for the black double doors at the top of cement steps)

Cost of Tryouts: $20

Note: Please show up 15-30mins prior to the time of your scheduled tryout if you have not pre-registered.

To pre-register, click and fill out the registration form below with payment and send to…

137 Newfield Dr.

Rochester, NY 14616

Or fill out scan and send to and pay the day of tryouts

Team Valle Tryout Registration



Welcome to Team Valle Travel Baseball

Team Valle is a travel baseball organization based out of Rochester, NY.  Team Valle, Inc. is also a NY not-for-profit corporation and a NY Registered Charity (44-20-35). We currently have eight travel baseball teams (11u, 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 17U, 17u Showcase, and 18u). Our goal is provide low-cost, competitive sports (travel baseball) opportunities for youth aged 18 and under by providing teaching, training, tournament opportunities, as well as hosting, and/or providing indoor and outdoor baseball field facilities for, practices, scrimmages, games, tournaments and/or leagues. Furthermore, we use baseball to help instill good work ethic, sportsmanship, integrity, personal character, and to build leadership skills that will enable our players have a positive impact in their community.

Today, elite baseball travel teams have become the primary way young athletes can get the best instruction, play top competition, and gain exposure (for college or beyond). Because of this, most make running a baseball travel team into a profitable business. However, when the main focus is turning a profit, the determining factor when looking at players is no longer how talented, how well they do in school, or even the players’ personal character, but how much money the players’ parents make. As a non-profit organization, Team Valle puts the focus back on the players; giving them the best instruction, playing the best competition, providing professional coaches that not only invest time getting to know each player individually, but hold them accountable, and helping them with decisions inside and outside of baseball. Unfortunately, there are still significant costs involved with running a travel baseball organization. Our goal, with the help of sponsors and donors, is to provide low player fees and never have to turn down a qualified player due to his/her family’s financial situation. Please consider joining us in making this goal a reality!

Dave Valle
President, Team Valle, Inc.

Team Valle Sponsors

Here is what players have to say about Team Valle:

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Team Valle players will enjoy:

… 6/7 baseball tournaments per team per year

… Goal of 6 scrimmages per year per team

… 12 players or less per team to maximize play opportunities

… Team Valle Gear – Helmet, practice shirt, cap, bag, practice glove, and hoodie. Bag & practice glove are as-needed.

… Unique Team Valle Uniform – Jersey, pant, belt, stirrups, socks, cap

… Professional, non-parent, coaching

… State-of-art-strength and conditioning room

… Winter strength and conditioning program

… Winter strength and conditioning program supervision by Rock Strength (3 session per week per team)

… Large indoor turf practice field

… 2 practices per week per team

… Pitching lanes

… Multiple batting cages

… 2nd floor game room/club house with large screen LCD TV, Play Station

… Mac-equipped Conference/Meeting /Study room

Note: Black Shirt Programs and Team Valle Grey teams will receive a subset of the above.